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U.S. NAVY Tartan

How did a group of United States military people at the foot of the Scottish Highlands end up with their own bit of clan history in the form of a registered tartan?

Well, it all started in February 1985, when Mrs Janet Demech, wife of the commanding officer, went to the Strathmore Woolen Company, Ltd. in Forfar to get a kilt made.  While there, Mr. Arthur Mackie, manager of the Strathmore shop, brought up the idea of RAF Edzell having its own special tartan.  Pleased with the idea, Mrs. Demech asked Mr. Mackie if his shop could come up with a design for approval.

Several designs later along with the artistic invention of Mrs. Demech and Mrs. Pam Schaffer, wife of the former operations officer, the new, exclusive U.S. Navy Edzell tartan was unveiled at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of NSGA Edzell's establishment on July 6th.

The 100% wool cloth is made up of squares (called sets), five and a half inches by five and a quarter inches in size, with each set repeating the pattern and colours of the plaid.

The dark blue colour was chosen to represent the U.S. Navy, light blue for the Air Force, red stripes for the Marine Corps and Army, and white for the waves of the ocean.

The tartan's pattern, colours and set are one of more than 1600 registered tartans in Edinburgh.  The fee for registration was paid for by the Strathmore Company, and since they hold the registration, which is similar to a patent, they are the only company who can now produce the cloth.

The registered title of the tartan is U.S. NAVY (Edzell).

(On the original leaflet - Ties, kilts, scarves and shawls made from the U.S. Navy, Edzell tartan are available and a heavier weight material for golfers' slacks is now being considered.  For additional information concerning the purchase of U.S. Navy, Edzell tartan items, contact any member of the NSGA Edzell Officers Wives' Club)

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